Pipe organs are sensitive instruments and are affected by changes in temperature and humidity throughout the year. As a result the metal and wooden materials that make up pipework expand and contract. These small changes have an impact on the overall sound of the instrument. Tuning is required to correct these changes and keep the instrument sounding its very best.

Our firm recommends tuning an organ at least twice a year, generally before Christmas and Easter. This ensures that the instrument remains (generally) constant throughout the year.

Tuning agreements with our firm are unique to each instrument and they have significant benefits. A relationship with our firm ensures each instrument receives two (2) full tunings each year, one (1) service call each year. This enables our customers to be the best stewards of their resources while ensuring the continued care of each instrument.

We want to build relationships and take care of the instruments and the people we serve.


In addition to our tuning services, we offer our clients solutions to the problems that sometimes arise. While pipe organs are sensitive they are also durable and able to withstand decades, even centuries of use.

Having a relationship with a company that knows an instrument and all of its unique characteristics is essential. This kind of relationship will ensure that the instrument remains in good working order and potential problems are addressed.